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Cylinder stroke: 950 mm

Rotor diameter: 400 mm

Main shaft speed: 83 r/min

Screen mesh:Ø40 mm

Rotary blade: 58 pcs

Fixed blade: 2 pcs

Main motor power: 45 Kw

Hydraulic motor power: 2.2 kw

Single shaft shredder with hydraulic pusher, which is designed to avoid material blocking and reduce the wear of the inner rail It meet a variety of industry waste recycling requirements, including general waste recycling, electronics recycling and garbage recycling, for example: a variety of plastic products including blocks, tubes, films, bags, etc , and a variety of electronic cable waste, ICB barrel, waste paper, scrap wood and a variety of organic materials The cooling system, the rotor surface hardening treatment and other anti-wear devices is as an option Additionally, the shredding particle size can be designed according to demands Some materials can be directly used after shredding, others can be conveyed to crusher and other equipment for further refine process

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Reference: 10093

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